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Friday, October 22, 2004

Going out on a limb?

Well, we find ourselves just days from the November election; 11 to be exact. I suppose it is time to make my prediction. This way, should I be proven wrong, there will be a record for those who want to call me on my prediction.

I should tell you that for several months I have been predicting an electoral landslide re-election for President Bush. I became convinced of this about the time it became clear that the Democrats abandoned the country with the "anything but Bush" mantra and backed a candidate that has so much baggage, his arms must be exhausted carrying it all around.

Now just 11 days prior to the most important presidential election since 1980, President Bush remains slightly ahead in every national non-partisan poll and all the key states as well. He finds himself ahead despite dozens of reasons for the electorate to be less than enamored with him. You see, despite all the flaws and a few warts, rational, sane, informed voters see the President as a known entity whom they can trust to do what he says; whether it is popular or not.

Senator Kerry has given us no compelling reasons to seriously consider him as our next Commander in Chief. On the contrary, he has given us reason to pause time and again. Whatever your beliefs and whomever you pull that lever or push that chad for, just get out there and make an INFORMED choice. There are still 11 days to make up you mind.

So on to my prediction:

Worst-case scenario: President Bush will hold onto all the states he won in 2000 except New Hampshire. He will have surprise wins in Wisconsin and Iowa. This will result in the following Electoral College totals: Bush 295; Kerry 243.

Best Case scenario: Chris is correct and President Bush holds onto all his 2000 states minus New Hampshire and adds Wisconsin, Iowa, New Jersey (pending union turnout), Pennsylvania (pending evangelical turnout in the center), New Mexico (good chance), Minnesota (outside chance). This will result in the following Electoral College totals: Bush 342; Kerry 196.

Either way, short of massive voter fraud in Ohio or Florida, some last minute terrorist act or revelation that shocks the nation, President will be re-elected on November 2nd. Or perhaps after the lawyers finish: no later than Christmas!